Each theme or template made by DevaDesign for a client, after payment of fees to DevaDesign, becomes the property of the client with the following conditions:

  1. The client can use a theme or a template as long as he/she keep the credits, which are located at the footer of the page as a link, intact.
  2. If the client wants to remove a link, he/she must send a request in writing via e-mail to DevaDesign, which is then obligated to remove the link, while the client is obligated to pay the fee of 200.00 € to DevaDesign.
  3. DevaDesign does not want his themes and/or templates to be hosted anywhere else for people to be able to download.
  4. You need to get explicit permission from Devadesign, before releasing any work that is based on DevaDesign's work.